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Asus 1080 ti Stix, crypto, currency, mining, bitcoin, litecoin, zcash



Here are a few of the cards we’ve found to be top performers. We want to be accurate in our starts so let us know what works for you  in our members mining forum.

NOTE: Something we found right off the bat and something you should keep in mind. What ever the card cost retail, thats about how much its going to hash/sec. Give or take 20/30 hash/second. Thats been a good rule of thumb for us. And just because its overclocked to 700 doesnt mean it has to be so find what the minimum is you can over clock your card to get the max hash/s out of it. All our rigs are set at about 500 over clock because they were putting out the same there as they were at 700. if it doesn’t give you any more at the higher rate, your’e just wasting power and running your cards hotter then they have to be.

We want things to be easy to understand and I bet you do too so we strive to give you all the info you need on one website.

What are Hash rates?

We have taken the liberty of adding some charts and graphics to give you an understanding about what people are talking about when they explain their card performance.

  • 1 kH/s is 1,000 (one thousand) hashes per second
  • 1 MH/s is 1,000,000 (one million) hashes per second.
  • 1 GH/s is 1,000,000,000 (one billion) hashes per second.
  • 1 TH/s is 1,000,000,000,000 (one trillion) hashes per second.
  • 1 PH/s is 1,000,000,000,000,000 (one quadrillion) hashes per second.
  • 1 EH/s is 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 (one quintillion) hashes per second.


  •          Things have been updated since it became much harder to mine bitcoin. If you’re reading around on some of these forums and you’re seeing LARGE numbers, its probably old information. If you’re seeing people use regular hash rate or Sol rates its most often then not current (July 2017) information. To put it into perspective, check the cards we have listed below. Those are current hash/s or sol/s rates that those card produce.

Here is another source for GPU stats

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Nvidia gtx 1080 $549.00- 550 H/s set at about 500 overclock

Nvidia gtx 1080, crypto, currency, mining, bitcoin, litecoin, zcash
Nvidia gtx 1080

Nvidea Geforce 1080 Ti $699.99 – 740 H/s at about 500 Overclock

Geforce gtx 1080 ti, Mining, bitcoin, liecoin, zcash, crypto, currency
Nvidia GTX 1080 ti

Geforce gtx 1060 $300- 360 H/s set at about 700 overclock

Geforce gtx 1060, bitcoin, litecoin, data, mining, crypto, currency
Geforce gtx 1060

Nvidia gtx 1050 $150- 170 H/s set at 500 overclock

Nvidia gtx 1050, mining, crypto, currency, bitcoin, litecoin, zcash
Nvidia gtx 1050

EVGA gtx 1080  $559.99- 577 H/s at 500 overclock

EVGA gtx 1080, crypto, currency, mining, bitcoin, litecoin, zcash
EVGA gtx 1080

Asus 1080 ti Stix $780 – 770 H/s at 700 overclock


Asus 1080 ti Stix, crypto, currency, mining, bitcoin, litecoin, zcash
Asus 1080 ti Stix


  • MSI 1080 ti Gaming X – Retail $850 Hash rate is about 890 hash/s (fluctuates) – EDITORS CHOICE
crypto, currency, mining, bitcoin, zcash, litecoin
MSI 1080 Ti Gaming X