Prospector / Crypto Miner Registration

Join our network of Crypto-Miners and Prospectors, and  and share your experience, knowledge and stories about best mining practices, currency options, security concerns, and more.

Prospectors have limited access, but can poke around the forums, and can communicate with other Prospectors, and Crypto-Miners that choose to have open communications with Prospectors. It’s sort of a way to ‘check it out’, and see how far down this crypto-currency rabbit hole you want to go down. We will have articles, links to articles authored by more knowledgeable people that us, and are developing a living pool of knowledge to help those curious about these new currencies to understand what they are and how they work.

Crypto-Miners will have full access to the resources of our network, as well as special forums and topics, and discounts for equipment and services. Miners will make up the bulk of our contributors as well as our consumers, as our community is being developed with the express purpose of cooperation, education, and dissemination of information for the facilitation of the acquisition of digital currencies. Now, say that five times real fast.

Either membership level will give you access to our products and services, and you can always upgrade from Propspector to Crypto-Miner. There is no cost to join, other than your participation.