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Rekt Mining Facility

–         Our Facilities are a fantastic place to host your mining operation. It cost less in electricity and you can be part of a growing community of miners for all the best and up to date information. Its hard to beat .05/watt.

We know leaving your equipment with a bunch of strangers comes with added stress so we do everything we can to make sure you feel completely safe and assured that your mining equipment is in good hands.

crypto, currency, mining, bitcoin, litecoin, zcash, facility

Out of respect and protection for our users equipment, we do not disclose the facility location to any outside influences. If you’re considering work with us as an option then you can more then understand that. If you’d like more information and pricing you can check out our “How it Works” page for more. Click Here


“We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience. Until with have signed NDAs from you, you will not be privy to this information”

Serious Inquiries Only

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