Getting Started

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How It Works!


So you want to start mining? Well, here is how it works…


Become a member. It’s free to join with either a Prospector account (for folks who are interested, but still gathering information), or a Crypto-Miner account, if you are already down like a clown, and looking for a community of like minded people to learn and share with. Either way, congrats! You found a great knowledge resource with our community. We realize everyone is hesitant to say the least so now is the time to email us [] with all the questions you may have. We are an open book and while our facilities aren’t for everyone they are a very good option and we are improving our facilities and processes daily. We personally feel that the way we ventilate hot air is the best we’ve seen. Many come close but are still effected by mixing hot air with cool air. We ventilate all the hot air out completely which means its always separated away from the newly introduced cool air.



Here’s the formula we use Machine watts used x 24Hours x 30days / 1000 to convert to kwh and then multiply that by .09cents

=monthly cost


L3/+ = 800watts…

800watts x 24hour =19,200 x 30days = 576,000 / 1000 (watts to kw) = 576kw x .09cents = $51.84 would be your rental cost.



Ship your Miners and send us your pool info. The only valid address you should ship anything to is our main facility address


Rekt Mining – [your name]

437 North 19th ave

suite 437

Phoenix, Arizona 85009


Once we receive your miners we will begin set up and getting everything entered. We will need your payout wallet address, pool and back up pool info and your nicehash or prohash login name to get you up and going.


What this means is you will be responsible for sending us your monthly payment. [friendly warning, if you don’t we simply unplug your miners till we receive payment.]

Participate! Teach, learn, debate (keep it nice), and grow with our community of crypto-currency miners. Share your experiences running your own setup, or rent your mining gear from us. We offer space for your mining rigs for rent at varying capacity, in a common, controlled, secure environment.  We take care of the details, setup, and maintenance, so that you can drastically decrease initial startup costs, and enjoy the ease of an auto-pilot money machine.

We also embrace alternate energy sources, super-efficient power configurations, and other proprietary systems and methods to ensure a smooth running crypto-currency mining environment for our clients’ rigs. If you choose to rent space from us, you’ve got one more step…



Send us your equipment. Its $.07/kwh paid monthly or yearly. Heres the breakdown…

1-500 miners(rigs) $.12/kwh

501-1000 Miners(rigs) $.1175/kwh

1001-2000 Miners(rigs) $.1150/kwh

2001-10,000 Miners(rigs) .1125/kwh

$30/machine start up fee for outlets, wire and breaker (unless you need additional equipment and assistance then its just the additional cost of the added equipment)

We offer some pretty cool features but it all comes at a price. While we don’t have a start up fee we do offer some cool stuff to go along with your rigs if you would like to use them.

Things We can offer…

We know you probably have your own equipment but everything we use is  has been tested, high quality and very dependable.  and its the same across the board for everyone.  Here’s a list of what you’ll have access to as part of your start up fee….


-We work with Asic & GPU Miners-


  • Router– for your own dedicated network $100

crypto, currency, watt, monitoring, mining, facility

  • Back up power supply– so your mining rig never goes down $100

crypto, currency, watt, monitoring, mining, facility

  • Wifi camera– so you can constantly monitor your equipment at all times $50

crypto, currency, watt, monitoring, mining, facility

  • Watt monitor– So you can monitor your rigs power consumption $30

crypto, currency, watt, monitoring, mining, facility

  • Dedicated Power strip- all your plugs into one $15

crypto, currency, watt, monitoring, mining, facility



Monthly Fee

This is a quick break down of your monthly fee for keeping your rig in our facility.

Doesn’t matter how many or how few miners you have, send them over and you’ll only be charged for what power you use.


A good source to check watt usage is Crypto Compare. Another is World Coin Index & Coin Warz. These have been an awesome source of information for us and we think they will be for you as well.



What does that mean. That means that for all your support in helping us grow, We would like to help you back. Your monthly fee can be reduced 1 of 2 ways….


Bring in more miners. The more miners you have in our facility the more money you will save per kwh.


Bring in other people. There are so many people mining out there and im sure you know a lot of them. So why not help them save money as well? For every person you bring in we will take a percentage off your monthly fee.

Feel free to contact us for more details.