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  • Company questions

Who are we?

Rekt Mining is working to offer the best rates nation wide to minings everywhere starting in Phoenix, Arizona. We are rapidly expanding and would like to speak to anyone from anywhere who needs mining space.

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Arizona Crypto Currency

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  • Best YouTube Channels

BitsBeTrippin       Cryptomined           IMineBlocks          Team Green           

  • Mining Pools 
  • Operating Systems

#1- Windows 8.1

This Operating system really only handles about 6 GPUs(1080 tis) and while its wasnt that big of a headache to get them set up it isnt really worth your time if you had the windows 10 option.

#2- Windows 10   -$200

windows 10 pro   – $27.99

a few other places to find windows 10 products ranges from $40 – $100

Windows 10 is your best option if you’re trying to continue using your computer for other things. It handles 13 gpus and is a reasonably good operating system for running multiple tasks.

#3- simplemining.net

This operating system is linux based and can handle upwards of 15 gpus stable. It requires an understanding of linux and operates in a line code format instead of a graphical interface like windows 8 or windows 10.  The down side to using this system is that you cant really use your computer for anything else which is fine if you’re running a mining operation but if you dont have the luxury of setting it and leaving it, you may want to use windows 10 to handle your cards over linux.

#4- perfectmine.io

We dont currently have experience with perfecthash but what we do know is it will handle almost an unlimited number of gpus and costs around $10/month for the operating system.

  • Currency Exchanges

Cryptopia        Bittrex       Poloniex

  • Wallets

Jaxx          Coinbase        blockchain(recommended)         Exodus(recommended)

  • Card Talk & Hash Rates

The best Graphics cards we’ve found for mining are the EVGA 1080 ti founders edition, and the MSI 1080 ti gaming X. With these cards you pull less power and your hash rates are a bit Higher than other cards. As a general rule of thumb, We have found that the retail price is extremely close to what the hash or SOL rates are. The only one with a bit more hash rate than the retail price was the MSI gaming x which put out about a little less than 800 hash/s.

  • Risers & Extensions

( Search-  PCIe riser or PCIe 1 to 4 Extension)

  • Happening now


  • HDMI Screens

One of the things we hate dealing with is moving screens around and if youre remoted into you miners some times (if you dont have a screen plugged in) you cants access folders and nothing pops up when you select it. Thats one of the many reasons why we like having these nice small Screens to leave attached to your rigs. the are powered off USB and some handle both VGA and HDMI. AND, when you walk into your mining room and see all these little screens mining  on all these little screens, it just looks super cool.  Here are a few options that may work for you.

Elecrow 5″ HDMI Screen $34.99

Sunfounder 7″ HDMI Screen $59.99

Eyoyo 8″ HDMI Screen $69,99

WaveShare 4″ HDMI Screen $42.99

Here you can find a video with additional links to build your own Small HDMI screen. Click here

  • Best deals

Most people are looking for the best bang for their buck and so are we. Heres one site that always spits out some pretty awesome deals. No, its not all mining stuff but they offer some pretty awesome stuff.

Slick Deals

  • Mining tower ideas & plans

Building an Ethereum Mining Rig

  • Mother boards

ASUS z270 AR

Asrock H110

  • Processors

I3, I5, I7 I9

  • ram

DDR4 and 8gb is really all you’ll ever need.

  • power supplies

The power supplies we’ve seen and love are the EVGA series and the corsair series PSUs. mainly 1000w, 1200wa and 1600w super nova. But, If you’re running 1080ti with pull a max of 280w you can get away with running 2 cards off an EVGA 600w or 700w with go for $50 – $70. If you get the dual or triple psu adapter, every 2 cards you get another power supply and it ends up being a lot less money spent on power supplies

EVGA 600w B $54.00 – We really like the 600B because it will handle 2x 1080ti graphics cards with a small buffer for a very reasonable price. Every 2 cards you buy, get one of these and you will save a ton of money on power supplies.


8x 108tis @ 280w =2240watts ____4x evga 600wB @54.00 = 2400w @$216.00

EVGA 750w B $78.49 –

EVGA 1000w GQ $149.99 –

EVGA 1600w Super Nova P2 $429.99 –


8x 108tis @ 280w =2240watts ____1x evga 1600w P2 @$429.99 +1x evga 600w @$54.00 = 2400w @$483.99

  • Interesting ideas

-Building out a fridge

-Building out a deep freezer

-building out an Ice maker you see at hotels

-building your miners into a pool of distilled water or Oil

-building out a shipping container for your mining operation

-Solar mining

-building everything into a walk in freezer


  • Local

We’re located in Phoenix, Arizona but love working with everyone so don’t be shy. We’re starting out here but plan to spread across the nation.

  • Fans Vs a/c unit

Are fans enough? At what point do you start adding a/c units to your operation? Is it better (cost effective) to cool the entire room or the small space around your rigs? It seems pretty obvious but this detail can be overlooked quite easily.What we are trying to work out are the costs involved to cool different size rooms compared to the costs involved in cooling the immediate space around your rigs.

  • Asic Miners





  • WIFI switches

Some times you have to cycle your computer and in some cases you may not have direct access to the computer or mining rigs. We recommend youing a wifi connected power plug. With the whole IOT industry blowing up there are a few different ones out there. Keep in mind they all do pretty much the same thing, turn off and back on whatever is plugged into them. If youre going to use an option like this you need to make sure your rig is set to auto boot or auto restart if it looses power for this to work.

NOTE: That doesn’t mean these are directly related to each other. theyre indirectly related because there are two (2) things happening here. 1st- the wifi plug allows power from the wall to be sent to the power supply. GREAT! now what? Well, you still have to turn your power on so when we say set your computer to autorestart, we mean go into your bios and set up your rig to auto restart if it looses power. So you have to have both set up for this option to work.

Here are a few of the options we’ve found.


Smart Socket – $3.29

Smart Switch -$6.80

Wemo Switch -$39.99